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I'll Speak in Riddles so You can Understand...

...I'll Write in Pencil so You can Trace with Pen

Matt The Asian
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I'll be the Best Mistake you'll ever make.
This Journal; is my personal journal. DO NOT
promote here; I'll kill you. I won't add just anyone. Think you make the cut? Add me first and then fill out the application.

My community journal: xlostonearthx.

The Asian; I'll be the one to leave my mark and make a difference.

You think you know but you have no idea. Don't judge me for my mistakes. I don't judge you for yours. I don't want advice on how to live my life from anyone until they've walked in my shoes. Perfection is not in my blood, but perseverence is. I wake up every morning and face every problem thrown at me. I'm still breathing. I'm still here. You can at least give me that much respect. Failing is not an option. I will succeed. I will leave my mark. I will make a difference.

I wear my emotions on my sleeve, but tuck them under often. I express myself through art. I write when I'm inspired. I dance away my problems and sing away my sorrows.

This One's for the Kids

They took sip after sip
Indulging themselves
All the way to obscurity
And handed him a glass
Hoping he'd forget
They were called
His "parents"
As they all belligerently
Raised their glasses and cheered
"This One's for the Kids"

She straightened his collar
And handed him his lunch
In the brown paper bag she so
Thoughtfully bought
Then smacked him a good one
Because he forgot
To say thank you
And told him to read the note
That she left in his lunch which read
"This One's for the Kids"

he sat in the passenger's seat
And let him pick the music
And then turned down the speakers
Because he couldn't scream over them
Because he didn't like what he heard
The "I love you" getting lost in the authority
And the weakness giving him money because he felt bad
While the radio softly sang
"This One's for the Kids"

The phone rang at 3:00 AM
While the sirens outside
Bled the color of desperation
As the three musketeers
Lay a hapless on the floor
While the room kept spinning
And the colors kept mixing with the smoke
Their bottles lie empty as their eyes slowly closed
As they whispered to each other
"This One's for the Kids"

Returning Home

He sat in the back seat
And gazed out the window
At autumn's beautiful destruction
"I love you" poured out in an angry rage
As "I need you" lashed back at it
While "Corrupted Innocence" sat in silence
And "I'm lost" proceeded to slit
Their throats
And trickle down their cheeks
Like the rain
That pitter-pattered against the window
He breathed in deep
And closed his eyes
Trying to hold back all connotation
As he sang along with the radio
Wishing with all his might
It would cover up the screams

By: Matthew Lee Van Beck